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Gulfstar Aircraft

A balance of versatility, comfort, safety and efficiency. The right balance keeps Gulfstar competitive and offers a fresh option to its travelers. We removed the overhead bins and all those small seats and redesigned our aircraft for comfort by installing a corporate cabin environment. Complete with an in-flight concierge for safety and service. The Embraer family of aircraft were built especially for short haul (less than (1,500 nm). It wasn’t stretched or modified from a design meant for a previous application. It’s an optimized jet aircraft from top to bottom.

Our Embraer aircraft offer large stand-up cabin, more leg and elbow room with the 7-foot-wide, 6-foot-tall and 42 feet long cabin. We’re even modifying our seats so tray tables are in the armrest so not to bother the passenger in front. Gulfstar re-configured our aircraft with executive class seats and a full-service lavatory on every airplane. Our members enjoy on-board Wi-Fi and electrical outlets at every seat to stay connected while enroute to their destination. In-flight service is provided by our cabin attendant, serving complimentary beverages and snacks. The Embraer has very large baggage compartment that can hold golf clubs and skis in addition to luggage.


We’re concerned about the environment and as an active member in NBAA, Gulfstar management has pledged our support for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) which will reduce carbon emissions. Our jets have values well below the CAEP/6 limits.

HC (g/kN)……12.4 (36.7% below margin)

CO (g/kN)…..109.1 (7.5% below margin)

NOx (g/kN)…..44.5 (23.5% below margin)

Smoke (SN)…..0.0 (100% below margin)

Thinking about the neighbors we fly over; our aircraft are well below Federal Air Regulation 36 limits.


Take Off



Our Aircraft

80.1 EPNdB

85.0 EPNdB

92.5 EPNdB


89.0 EPNdB

94.0 EPNdB

94.0 EPNdB

Our aircraft are piloted by two Airline Transport licensed pilots with first-class medicals and are trained in full-motion simulators to the highest degree of proficiency. Our Cabin attendants also are trained and tested every twelve months for aircraft knowledge, safety and service.

Our cockpits are equipped with some of the latest technology and are all glass, reducing pilot workload. Next time you are on board, take a look.

Safety and reliability with two Rolls-Royce jet engines; dual tires and brakes; great performance; speed and very quiet