Gulfstar FAQ


Why should I join Gulfstar Airways?
To save time in your workday and create more personal time for you. If you travel between major cities and dislike dealing with the hassle of crowded airline terminals, taking off your shoes, belt and paying for a crowded seat; then you need to see what we offer.
What do I gain by joining Gulfstar Airways?
Book your flight in one minute on your mobile device or computer, private terminal with concierge, no TSA lines, executive class seating and roomy, snacks and beverages are included, all luggage is free and personally carried to the aircraft. This allows more time for you.
How is Gulfstar Airways different than Charter?
You usually must plan in advance for a charter. For the price of one charter trip in a turbo-prop or small jet, you could have flown as many times as you want with Gulfstar Airways. Anything close in cost you would have a small cabin and seat. With Gulfstar, you can book a flight in a few minutes and only one hour before departure. We are a scheduled service so you will not be able to tell us when you want to leave.
How is Gulfstar Airways different than commercial airlines?
Last minute tickets are not cheap and most flights in the state do not offer first or business class. They offer crowded terminals with many lines and TSA inspection. It takes a lot of your time to find a space and park your car, walk to the TSA line and wait and then wait at the gate. Pull your roller bag and stuff it in the overhead. Back to question #2.
What kind of schedules do you offer?
We try to offer a morning, mid-day and early evening flight to each city.
Can I take a friend, business associate or spouse?
Yes, we want our members to share their positive experience by purchasing a guest pass. However, all travelers other than the member MUST have a background check to meet TSA requirements. This will require a government issued photo ID presented at departure. Guests full name and birthdate must be submitted at least twenty-four hours prior to departure. We have plans that include spouse.
Can a family member or friend use my membership?
No, only paid members can use the service.
Is there a long term associated with the membership?
No. Unlike Netjets, Wheels Up and many other operators you can quit after four months with a written 30-day notification. Email or USPS can do this. Additional information is in Terms of Service in Legal.
Are there any charges for changing a flight?
There are no additional fees for changing a flight or canceling. To be courteous to other members, please cancel or change at least 24 hours before the flight.
Are there any charges for luggage or golf clubs?
No extra charges. We plan that each member will bring a maximum of one standard sized bag (which must be checked) and a weight of 40 pounds. We have plenty of room to carry 16 sets of golf clubs, skis and luggage. Other carriers have a weight limit. We do ask that if you have a special need to bring something oversize or has an abnormal weight that you tell us 24-hours in advance.
Where do I park?
Although most people use Uber or Lyft, you are welcome to take advantage of our local parking at each location.


How do I book a flight?
Open our app and click the login tab. Enter your email and your password. And you will see a calendar and cities. Enter the date, departure and destination airport and it will show you availability. You select time and book it and you will see confirmed. It only takes two minutes!
How far in advance can I book a flight?
Twenty-eight days before the departure or as close as one hour before the flight (if a seat is still available)
What if the flight I want has no available seats?
If the flight you want has no available seats, you can easily add yourself to the standby list. However we only accept six standbys and we honor the order our members logged in. If the flight opens up and you’re the next on the list, we will call or text you and you have the option to book it so you can take your desired flight. Of course you should try and book in advance to secure the reservation day and time you want.
How many flights can I book?
You can make 2, 4 or 6 reservations at any given time based on your membership plan. As soon as you complete one of your flights, your reservation automatically refreshes and you can book another flight. Connecting flights may require the use of two passes.
What if I miss my flight?
If you miss your flight or fail to cancel twenty four hours before the plane leaves, we will block one of your reservations for fourteen days. You’ll still be able to book and fly using your remaining reservations during that time, but we want to encourage you to be responsible to the other members.
How do I cancel a reservation?
The same way you made the reservation with the exception you press the red cancel button on the final page.

In-Flight Experience

What kind of airplane do you fly?
We operate twin Jet-engine Embraer 135 with our custom interior and executive class seating, creating plenty of leg room. Our cabin is 7 feet wide, 6 feet tall and 42 feet long, operated with a flight attendant for your service and two highly qualified pilots. Our aircraft have WiFi and 110 volt plugs at each seat.
Are the aircraft noisy?
You will have no problem speaking with fellow passengers or closing your eyes for a little rest.
How many bags can I bring?
We plan that each passenger will bring one standard sized bag, (40 pounds each) which we place in the cargo hold. One personal belonging such as a laptop, purse or briefcase as carry on items. All checked bags MUST have an outside identification tag. We have plenty of room to carry 16 sets of golf clubs, skis and luggage for everyone. Other carriers have a weight limit. We do ask that if you have a special need to bring something over-sized or has an abnormal weight that you tell us 24-hours in advance.
Is there a restroom on the plane?
Yes we have a private lavatory with hot and cold running water and flushing lavatory. We do ask that each user help keep it clean for your fellow members.
Can the flight be cancelled due to weather?
Your safety is our first priority and sometimes it is better to wait on the ground than to fly in rough or undesirable weather. This would cause some delays. If the delay is too great we will cancel the flight. We will always do our best to get you to your destination in a timely manner, however Mother Nature controls the weather we fly in.

Safety & Security

You say no TSA lines. What security checks are required for flight?
As part of your application for membership we conduct a thorough background check and TSA check on all prospective members, guests and employees. This enables you to travel on our aircraft without standing in a line or TSA inspection each time you fly with us. We want our members to feel comfortable with their fellow passengers they travel with.
What about aircraft safety?
Our aircraft are flown by two professionally trained pilots who have many years and hours experience. Our flight attendants are also professionally trained for your service as well as safety. Our crews must complete and pass exams and flight test in simulators every six months. Our pilots are required to maintain a current First-Class medical. Our aircraft meet the same maintenance standards as the major airlines. That includes frequent maintenance checks and inspections. Our aircraft are pressurized, roomy and powered by two Rolls-Royce jet engines, each producing 7,426 pounds of thrust. Gulfstar cleans the aircraft each night both inside and outside. We are proud of our aircraft.
Is there any restrictions on what I bring on the plane?
You will NOT be allowed to travel with any restricted or hazardous materials as defined in the TSA Prohibited Items List. You may NOT carry-on firearms or weapons of any kind, or alcoholic beverages or contraband of any kind. We do have other restriction regarding pets. See Legal section.


What services does Gulfstar Airways offer?
Gulfstar Airways is a members only club and it uses the services of Gulfstar Air Charters aircraft. That means that you have access to other aircraft that can be chartered at a members discount for trips outside the state, including jet aircraft. Giving the club another benefit. Our private terminals offer a comfortable lobby with WI-FI and bathrooms, Television, beverages, snacks, outlets to charge your mobile devices, local parking and concierge service. Your comfort is important in case you have to wait a few minutes for your plane to arrive. Our concierge can even make arrangements with a couple of hours notice if you require ground transportation at your destination.
What airports do you fly to?
Long Beach, Burbank, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Oakland, Scottsdale, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. As our membership grows and we add aircraft we will expand to other cities. Our location on these airports affords less traffic and hassle in your travel requirements.

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