Elevate Your Experience

Elevate Your Experience

Welcome to Gulfstar Airways

Life is all about decisions.

This one is easy!

Today’s air travel by conventional airlines is a hassle, time consuming, inconvenient and taking care of you, the passenger, has gone out the window. At Gulfstar Airways, we think you deserve better.

It begins with parking that’s only a few steps from the start of your Gulfstar experience.

No more lining up at ticket counters and TSA inspections. No more crowded concourses with long lines at your boarding gate. Our members spend their pre-flight time relaxing in one of our private terminals.

On-board, relax on one of our Embraer Jets with flight attendants, high speed Wi-Fi and custom fitted First-Class seats.

Arrive at your meetings well rested and energized for the day ahead

Gulfstar Airways Oakland to Long Beach

There’s a spirit of creative genius at Gulfstar,

a new concept in air travel offering pay once a month and fly all you like.

Combining the luxury of a private jet and reliability of an airline, affordably packaged with the ease of a monthly subscription.

With a choice of three tiers for membership, Gulfstar has a plan to meet your needs.

Our goal is to make your life less complicated. Stylish without being obnoxious.

Gulfstar…Think of it as a byword for innovation and progress. Something different, if you will.

We’ve got you covered,


Long Beach, Burbank, Scottsdale AZ, Las Vegas NV, Oakland, San Jose and Santa Barbara.

That’s just a start!

We can even charter one of our aircraft to meet your specific travel requirements.

Let us know where you want to go.

Air travel


  • Book your seat in less than a minute – on our app.
  • Show up 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Meet in our private uncrowded terminal with concierge service.
  • Travel with fellow members who are all pre-cleared through TSA.
  • Arrive refreshed at your destination in our uncrowded terminals.

California is a beacon for where we’re heading,

and a place where everyone is on the go.

According to California DOT and U.S. Census bureau, 47,000 people commute 2.3 to 3.6 times each month between California cities Arizona and Nevada by air and rail.

Our members are individuals whose time and quality of life are paramount.

At Gulfstar Airways our members come first.

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At Gulfstar, we’re redefining luxury in the air!

*No Payment Due Until GSA Certification