About Gulfstar Airways

We’re creating an airline people love!

Gulfstar Airways is a subscription-based, members-only club that offers All-You-Can-Fly, between California cities, Las Vegas and Scottsdale, for one low monthly fee. We’re all about flying in a private jet with a five-star experience. We are here to disrupt air travel by challenging the status quo and believe in thinking differently using multi-engine, jet aircraft. Gulfstar is about Safety, Service, Comfort and Convenience.

We didn’t invent commuter air travel…We perfected it!

Experience: private uncrowded terminals with concierge service, roomy executive class seating, in-flight WiFi and charging at your seat, no TSA lines and no charge for luggage, golf clubs or skis.

Book your flight in less than a minute on our app. Monthly club dues are all-inclusive, travel as many times as you like, with no long-term contract.

Gulfstar Airways was founded by Paul J. Posti and James H. LaMontagne who met while flying at Korean Airlines and found they had much in common. These two ex-Military, Airline, Corporate pilots; with many years hands-on experience recruited a small group of knowledgeable, experienced people and started planning a way to a “5 Star” flight operation.

Paul said, “If we’re going to create an airline, it must be reliable, easy to use and hassle free.”


To give travelers an easy, affordable way to travel in luxury, saving time; without charging for every amenity. One price per month and you can fly-as-much-as-you-want. Gulfstar Airways is a company dedicated to transporting the traveler on time, with their luggage, in a safe, reliable and predictable way. We will operate using our in-house developed innovative technology to communicate, manage and make reservations for our members.


There’s only two ways to experience Gulfstar Airways unique way of travel: as a guest of a member or belonging to the family.

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