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Gulfstar Airways is a subscription-based, members-only club that offers All-You-Can-Fly, between California cities, Las Vegas and Scottsdale, for one low monthly fee. It’s all about the members. Featuring: private uncrowded terminals with concierge service, roomy executive class seating, no TSA lines and no charge for luggage, golf clubs or skis. Monthly club dues are all-inclusive, travel as many times as you like, with no long-term contract and book your flight in less than a minute on our app. We are here to disrupt air travel and our competition with multi-engine, jet aircraft. Gulfstar is about Safety, Service, Comfort and Convenience.

The purpose of Gulfstar Airways is to bring back quality air travel, spacious seating, real VIP service, simplicity and value. Travelers should have a choice and our prices are competitive offering twin jet engine safety and shorter travel time. Gulfstar Airways was founded by Captain Paul J. Posti and Captain James H. LaMontagne who met while flying at Korean Airlines and found they had much in common. These two ex-Military, Airline, Corporate pilots; with many years hands-on experience recruited a small group of knowledgeable, experienced people and started planning a way to a “5 Star” flight operation. We analyzed and interviewed many commercial airline travelers as well as our competitions members and know what they want. Paul said, “If we’re going to challenge the status-quo of how people travel by air, it must be easy to use and hassle free.”

Jim started flying in 1971 with the United States Air Force after graduating from the University of Alabama. His first aircraft was the H/C-141/A jet cargo aircraft responsible for flying missions all over the world. In 1978 after his commitment was over, Jim was hired by National Airlines where he was First officer and Captain on the Boeing 727. His aviation career has included many airlines including Pan Am, Air Florida, Midway, Reno, and Korean Airlines. Jim has held the position of Airline Ground and Simulator Instructor, Proficiency Check Airman, Examiner, and Chief Pilot. As a Chief Pilot for an initial start up airline Jim was responsible for scheduling, writing manuals, coordinating emergency and checklist procedures with the Director of Flight Attendants, coordinating with the FAA in all facets of the initial start up airline. Jim retired from instructing at Etihad Airways on the Airbus A-330 and A-320 and decided to join Paul on the journey to create a better way for commuter air travelers. Jim brings his many aviation management skills to Gulfstar’s start-up. Contact Jim here: jiml@gulfstarair.com

Paul started flying at 15 in Florida in a J3 Cub and Cherokee 160 with his uncle that was in real estate. U.S. Navy trained and an experienced entrepreneur; previously started two air carrier operations and one lithographic company in California, successfully selling them. His career includes six years in US Navy, Eastern Airlines, Korean Airlines and has managed the flight department for a few major corporations. Having flown Steve Forbes, Henry Kissinger, Elvis Presley, ELO, Johnny Mathis and many other VIP”s, Mr. Posti knows service and has commanded aircraft in over 48 countries, licensed in four and over 26,900 flight hours. His business experience and knowledge of FAA regulations enable him to be the right person to lead this company to success. He’s a Disabled American Veteran of Vietnam and has received the distinguished “Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award” from the F.A.A. (less than 1% of pilots received this award) Has an Associate of Arts degree in Aerospace Technology from Glendale City College and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Cal State University Northridge. Contact Paul here: jp@gulfstarair.com


To give travelers an easy, affordable way to travel in luxury, saving time; without charging for every amenity. One price per month and you can fly-as-much-as-you-want. Gulfstar Airways is a company dedicated to transporting the traveler on time, with their luggage, in a safe reliable and predictable way. We will operate using our in-house developed innovative technology to communicate, manage and make reservations for our members. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, for our employees, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

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